Marian’s bio

Marian Hodges is a wellness advocate, and a survivor in the truest sense of the word. She has overcome a multitude of challenges; shattering expectations at every step along the way. Her passion is helping others take charge of their wellness, so that they can do the same.

At two months of age, Marian was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma; a rare cancer impacting the eyes. Her path to survival involved multiple surgeries and other treatments that would leave a lasting impact. In the ensuing years, she has faced several other health challenges. Doctors had predicted her demise on multiple occasions, but she still here!

Marian has also broken through barriers as a mom of three children. Based solely on misconceptions regarding her blindness, she had to fight for custody of her first child. She had answered every question and passed every test placed in front of her as a new mom, but the naysayers refuse to believe what they were witnessing with their own eyes.

Despite these low expectations, Marian was extremely proactive when two of her children found themselves battling retina blastoma. She learned how to successfully perform several challenging tasks involved in taking care of children with cancer. Attending to central lines, administering medicine working around body casts… The list goes on from there.

Throughout these experiences, Marian has balanced the use of Western medicine and alternative techniques. When using each modality, she has sought out the best experts and research in order to craft an optimal gameplay. Frankly, the results speak for themselves. The kids that the state of Colorado didn’t think she could take care of are thriving, with almost no evidence of the fact that they have beaten cancer visible to the outside world. Likewise, the feeding tube that she was supposed to be reliant upon for the rest of her shortened life is merely an afterthought now. Her vertigo, pain, and fatigue have all become more manageable through the interventions that she wants to share with the world.

Despite the rough road that she has traveled, Marian has been blessed along the way. Her aim is to make sure that others are even more enriched going forward.